Battery Safety Containment & Recycling Bundle


Enhance your safety protocols when managing compromised batteries.  Protect your team in the event of a battery fire with an assortment of thermal suppression and containment products that when used together, are an effective way to mitigate risk.  The Battery Safety Containment & Recycling Bundle includes:

  • 1 High Watt-Hour Fire Shield Blanket
  • 1 PED-Pad Fire Suppression Pillow & Cover
  • 1 CellSafe® DDR Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Kit

The fire shield blanket can be used as a personal shield when approaching a battery or device in thermal runaway.  When placed over a PED-Pad fire suppression pillow, which safely extinguishes a battery fire within seconds, surrounding surfaces are protected and the thermal event is contained to minimize spreading.  Once the fire is extinguished and the device has cooled, safely recycle it with the included CellSafe DDR Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Kit, which fully satisfies the stringent requirements from the US DOT for transporting a damaged battery.