10 Tips to Extend Your Device’s Battery

Manage Your Apps

We all have apps, whether for the weather, games or sports. First, turn them off when you aren’t using them.  Next, keep them updated. Updates often include improvements that use less battery power. Also Apple endorses keeping the manufacturer’s software current to help with performance. And if you really want to analyze your battery usage, consider energy-saving apps like Battery Life Pro (iPhone) or Easy Battery Saver (iPhone, Android) which help you track charging time and monitor system performance.

Turn Off the Big Offenders

Running lots of unnecessary hardware features in the background can be a big drain on your battery. The biggest offenders?  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Turn on Bluetooth when you need it, like during your commute time, and turn it off the rest of the time. If you’re like most people, you probably use Wi-Fi quite a bit. But if your battery is running low, turn on airplane mode (which turns off all the radios, including voice). That will help extend battery life. Also, if you turn off Wi-Fi on your e-reader when you are reading, not surfing the net, you’ll reduce the drain on your battery.

Minimize the Smartphone Gadgets

Who doesn’t love gadgets? Bluetooth-based gadgets for smartphones–like headsets and the new smart watches—may have their own batteries, but they also draw power from your smartphone. It’s helpful to remember your phone’s battery will drain faster when they are in use and plan accordingly. Only connect the gadget as needed and turn off the app the rest of the time.

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