10 Tips to Extend Your Device’s Battery

Location, Location, Location

Your GPS has a huge impact on your battery. So turn off your navigation app unless you’re lost and need directions. In addition, consider your app requirements. Many apps ask permission to detect your location so they can provide more targeted information. While useful, keep in mind that every time an app pings your GPS chip, it uses power. Unless you really need that location function, just say no to location requests.

Turn Off the Notifications

Does your phone or tablet light up every time you receive an email, app update or other communication?  These ongoing communications can eat up your power. Both app notifications about updates and smartphone polling (allowing apps to check your device for new data) drain your battery. Turn off these notifications for non-essential applications. Adjust your device’s settings so your apps check for new data less often.

Enter the Settings Zone

Have you opened the settings feature on your smartphone since you bought it? Now’s the time. A few small adjustments to your phone or tablet’s settings can have a big payoff in battery life. One tip–sync your email and apps less frequently. Most smartphones check for e-mail and apps data 10, 15 or 30 minutes. Extend those minutes and you will notice longer battery life. Other tips? Turn down the volume of your phone’s ringer and turn off vibrate mode if you don’t need it. Customize your settings to your daily routine. Then adjust them again when you go on a trip or your routine changes.

Remember Airplane Mode

If you find yourself in an area with no or poor reception, switch to airplane mode. Not only does it prevent your device from constantly searching for a connection (and draining your battery), when you return to a coverage zone you’ll have enough battery left to check your email.

Smartphones, tablets and e-readers have changed our lives in so many ways. We can more easily communicate with work, family and friends. And as these devices evolve, it is becoming much easier to tweak your settings to extend battery life and ensure you aren’t left with a blank screen.  And always remember the best tip of all—turn it off. When you watch a movie, enter a meeting or go to sleep at night, press the power off button. That will go a long way in making sure your phone’s display lights up when you need it.

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