Innovative, safe & environmentally-focused battery management solutions

Call2Recycle is committed to providing the safest, best-in-class battery collection, recycling, transportation and management solutions. From general battery recycling to managing damaged batteries or products, Call2Recycle is your trusted advisor for reliable and convenient battery collection, recycling and return services.

Collecting & Recycling

Whether you’re looking to start a public-facing program, set-up an internal battery recycling program or have a one-time need, Call2Recycle offers flexible, safe and convenient options.

Stewardship Services

If you are a battery or product manufacturer, Call2Recycle can help fulfill your recycling requirements in the U.S., including compliance with extensive state and federal regulations.

Product & Battery Return Management

Customized solutions for battery & product return services, including recalls, damaged products, deinstallation of large battery banks and warranty returns.

Battery Protection & Fire Suppression

As the exclusive distributor of CellBlock FCS products, Call2Recycle offers safe handling, storage and shipping solutions to minimize fire risks.

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