Staples Canada and Eriksdale, Manitoba, Hit the Front Page!

Two Canadian battery recycling supporters made news when they announced their innovative programs aimed at city teens and rural municipality residents.

Battery recycling hit the front pages of Canadian news outlets promoting the programs of two very different organizations. Office supply retailer Staples Canada and rural municipality Eriksdale, Manitoba, were featured for their recycling programs aimed at teens and residents respectively.

Staples Canada Goes Green

With the advent of the school year this fall, Staples Canada and Call2Recycle partnered to launch a Battery Recycling Program. Staples is encouraging drop offs of both rechargeable and single-use batteries and cellphone recycling at their in-store kiosks. During 2014, Staples Canada collected 28,660 lbs. (130,000 kg) of these items at its more than 300 stores. The retail giant was awarded a 2014 Call2Recycle Leader in Sustainability Award for its efforts. The program was also featured in the fall issue of Canadian Retailer News.

Rural Town Jumpstarts Recycling

Approximately four years ago, the rural municipality (RM) of Eriksdale, Manitoba, (population approximately 900) set up a Call2Recycle box and began collecting batteries in the RM office and school. Fast forward to 2015. Eriksdale residents have now recycled an estimated 600 lbs. (272 kg) of used batteries in just 48 months and collections continue to grow.

An article in the local newspaper, the Express Weekly News, stated: “The Purolator guy is amazed at the amount of boxes we’re sending in. We’ve shipped probably a dozen boxes since we started. I figured that since we recycle so many other things, why not this as well?” said Dolly Lindell, who started the program in the RM office. Eriksdale is just one of many rural communities that place a high importance on recycling.

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