Steward Spotlight: Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker 

1.) Why did Stanley Black & Decker begin working with Call2Recycle?   

Stanley Black & Decker was an original Call2Recycle steward. The organization began working with Call2Recycle in 1994 to provide our customers with a responsible way to dispose of their batteries. Since the beginning of our partnership, we’ve recycled more than 7.3 million pounds of batteries. 

2.) From Stanley Black & Decker’s perspective, what benefits are provided by Call2Recycle? 

Call2Recycle provides many benefits including:

  1. A vast network of recycling locations making drop-offs convenient for our customers
  2. Assurance that batteries collected are being handled responsibly
  3. A compliance solution for states and provinces that have recycling regulations
  4. Educational outreach to improve recycling behavior

3.) How does your partnership with Call2Recycle support Stanley Black & Decker’s battery stewardship goals? 

Our partnership with Call2Recycle supports our 2030 Corporate Social Responsibility Goals under the Innovate with Purpose Pillar. By 2030, we intend to innovate our products to enhance the lives of 500 million people and meet underserved societal needs, while improving the lifecycle impact of our products. A great way to improve the lifecycle impact of a product is to ensure its materials are collected and used in future products. Call2Recycle provides the pathway for the materials in our batteries to see a second life rather than being lost to the landfill.

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