Survey Shows Battery Recycling Group on the Right Track

RBRC Licensee Companies Endorse Charge Up to Recycle! Program and Encourage Move Forward

GAINESVILLE, November 3, 1998 – The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) today released survey results that show overwhelming support for RBRC’s Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) rechargeable battery recycling program, Charge Up to Recycle!, from the companies funding the program.

RBRC Licensee companies, which include more than 275 manufacturers and marketers of portable rechargeable batteries and products, were surveyed to determine their overall satisfaction with RBRC’s performance, their evaluation of RBRC’s marketing strategy, and their interest in seeing RBRC’s Charge Up to Recycle! program expand to collect other types of rechargeable batteries.

“We are pleased to see that RBRC is widely acknowledged for providing a program that offers a viable alternative to the regulation of rechargeable battery recycling,” said William Kim Kelley, RBRC President. “We plan to use these findings as we build RBRC’s long-term objectives.”

The survey results are a resounding endorsement of rechargeable battery recycling. The survey found that 83 percent of RBRC Licensees are satisfied with RBRC’s performance.

While RBRC’s mission and current performance received broad endorsement, many companies surveyed believe that RBRC will have to take a more aggressive approach toward consumer education in order to meet its Ni-Cd battery collection goals. The companies expressed interest in joint marketing opportunities whereby RBRC’s message could be communicated with licensee companies and participating retailers and communities.

The survey also found strong support among member companies to expand RBRC’s program from a Ni-Cd battery-only operation to a recycling program for other rechargeable batteries, such as Lithium Ion and Nickel Metal-Hydride.

RBRC’s Fall 1998 Stakeholder Survey was conducted by California Environmental Associates (CEA), a San-Francisco based consulting and policy analysis firm.


About Call2Recycle®
Call2Recycle is the industry’s first and only product
stewardship program for rechargeable batteries. The nonprofit program
is administered by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation
(RBRC), a public service organization dedicated to rechargeable battery
recycling. There are more than 30,000 Call2Recycle drop-off locations
throughout the U.S. and Canada. More than 175 manufacturers
and marketers of portable rechargeable batteries and products show
their commitment to conserve natural resources and prevent rechargeable
batteries from entering the solid waste stream by funding the
Call2Recycle program. In pursuit of its mission, Call2Recycle also
collects old cellphones, which are either recycled or refurbished and
resold when possible with a portion of the proceeds benefiting select
charities. For more information, call 877-2-RECYCLE or visit

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