Battery Legislation Across the U.S.

Battery product stewardship legislation has appeared in several states. Here is the latest update on each of those legislative efforts:

Oregon: The Oregon Small Rechargeable Battery Stewardship Act (HB2938) did not pass the House Energy and Environment Committee. Read previous post

Washington: The Washington Small Rechargeable Battery Stewardship Act (HB1364/SB5457), which was supported by the rechargeable battery industry and first introduced in January 2013, did not move out of the Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications committee by the deadline necessary for passage, despite House passage. “We are pleased with all the support that this legislation received but are disappointed that it was unable to pass the Senate committee,” said Carl Smith, CEO and President of Call2Recycle®. Read previous post

Minnesota and California: Both legislatures are considering battery legislation regarding primary (single-use) batteries; however, our organization’s experience has shown that primary battery legislation will also have an effect on rechargeable battery collections. Minnesota’s HF865 and California’s AB488 both include private right-to-action and will likely contain targets for collection of primary batteries with dates tied to those targets. Minnesota’s HF865 has passed several House committees.

We will continue to provide additional updates on all of these legislative initiatives as information becomes available.

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