Thinking Beyond the Recycling Bin – A Study from Call2Recycle

In Call2Recycle’s recent research it was discovered that in many cases, take-back programs designed to collect multiple items need to be re-thought in order to be effective. The company’s findings indicated that many take-back programs underperform due to serious design flaws. Below you will find photos taken during the study that show the good, the bad and the ugly of collection kiosks.

To read the full press release about the study, click here. To learn more about these insights and how your organization can apply them to create a successful recycling program, contact Call2Recycle at 877.723.1297.

Collection kiosk should be visible,
self-explanatory and not interfere with operations
Instructions should be near the opening

Encourage and reward participation
in your recycling initiatives
If it looks like trash, people will
treat it like trash

Knees can’t read –
Put instructions at eye level
If instructions can’t be found or read,
expect to find extraneous items

Build the container to fit the itemPhotos are far better
than icons or cartoons

Use different bins for each item
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