Update: Waste Diversion Ontario Decision on Call2Recycle Canada’s ISP

As previously communicated, Call2Recycle Canada, Inc., has been awaiting a decision by the Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) Board on our Industry Stewardship Plan (ISP), which seeks approval for the management of single-use consumer batteries in Ontario. Regrettably, we have been notified that the WDO Board deferred its decision due to a directive issued by the Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.

While we are certainly disappointed in the postponement of a decision, Call2Recycle has the unequivocal expertise and experience to enhance single-use battery recycling efforts in Ontario, positively impacting the Ontario economy, the businesses and residents we serve, and increasing battery diversion. For these reasons, Call2Recycle is exploring multiple options to seek a resolution in getting our ISP approved by WDO.

We appreciate the continued support from all of our environmentally-committed stakeholders, including industry stewards, NGOs, and existing collection partners.  Updates will be posted as details become available.
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Joe Zenobio
Executive Director
Call2Recycle Canada, Inc.

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