RBRC Recognizes Community Programs in Spokane, WA, Sandy Springs, GA, Olmstead, MN for Their Leadership in Recycling

RBRC recognizes community programs in Spokane, WA, Sandy Springs, GA and Olmstead, MN for their leadership in recycling rechargeable batteries

ATLANTA, November 15, 2004 – The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), a nonprofit public service organization dedicated to recycling rechargeable batteries and cellphones, announced today the recipients of its third annual “Community Recycling Leadership Award.” This award recognizes RBRC community program participants for their outstanding efforts in rechargeable battery recycling. Each year, one community program is awarded the National Leadership Award and two programs receive the Regional Leadership Award.

2004 National Community Recycling Leadership Award Recipient Gary Schimmels of the Spokane Regional Solid Waste Liaison Board and a City of Spokane Valley Council Member, accepted the RBRC National Community Recycling Leadership Award today at the “Washington Recycles Day” luncheon at the WSU/Spokane County Extension Education Center. The Spokane Regional Solid Waste System has been part of the RBRC community recycling program since February 2003 and since then has collected over 25,000 lbs. of rechargeable batteries.

“The Spokane Solid Waste System is proud of its accomplishment as a leader in community recycling and is honored to work with RBRC to reach our environmental goals,” said Dennis Hein, Director of the Solid Waste System. ”Our dedication to environmental education is greatly enhanced by relationships such as these.”

The Spokane Regional Solid Waste System program receives special recognition for its efforts to educate community members about the importance, and ease, of recycling rechargeable batteries through website linking, and the inclusion of RBRC’s Battery Lesson Plan in its community recycling guide and use of RBRC’s PSA.

Examples of initiatives include:

  • Highlighting the RBRC program on their community Web site: http://www.spokanesolidwaste.org/hhwovw.htm http://www.spokanesolidwaste.org/hhwbat.htm http://www.spokanesolidwaste.org/eduteach.htm
  • Educating residents about the difference types of rechargeable batteries that can be recycled with a Web site link to the RBRC Web site;
  • Directing residents to retail drop off sites on their web site and provide a hyperlink to the RBRC site locator;
  • Developing creative ways to inform the community about rechargeable battery recycling including placement of the RBRC battery lesson plan on their Web site.
  • Use of RBRC’s PSA

2004 Regional Community Recycling Leadership Award Recipients Community recycling programs in Sandy Springs, GA and Olmstead, MN were awarded RBRC’s Regional Community Recycling Leadership Awards:

Sandy Springs/ North Fulton Keep America Beautiful affiliate, Sandy Springs, Georgia: The Sandy Springs/ North Fulton Keep America Beautiful affiliate has rapidly increased their collection rate as well as their education and public outreach to the Sandy Springs community. They currently collect rechargeable batteries on a full time basis at their state-of-the-art recycling center, the Dick Schmalz Recycling Center. Special initiatives include:

Cell Phone/Battery Recycling event on America Recycles Day in conjunction with a local Staples store;

  • Fulton Government TV customized PSA, Earth 911, which lists rechargeable batteries on the list of items accepted at their recycling facility;
  • Production of a 4×6 cardstock pamphlet that lists rechargeable batteries as an item accepted at their recycling facility;
  • The collection over 3,500 pounds of rechargeable batteries since joining the program.

Olmstead County Public Works, Olmstead, Minnesota: Enrolled in the RBRC program since 1996, the Olmstead County Public Works program has a permanent recycling facility that operates year-round and processes about 200 tons of material from 8,000 customers each year. Special initiatives include:

  • Collected over 3,000 pounds of rechargeable batteries;
  • Conducted annual mobile (bookmobile style) hazardous waste collections in rural areas throughout Olmstead, MN;
  • Developed educational newsletters to target businesses, residents and students on battery recycling.



About Call2Recycle® Call2Recycle is the industry’s first and only product stewardship program for rechargeable batteries. The nonprofit program is administered by the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC), a public service organization dedicated to rechargeable battery recycling. There are more than 30,000 Call2Recycle drop-off locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. More than 175 manufacturers and marketers of portable rechargeable batteries and products show their commitment to conserve natural resources and prevent rechargeable batteries from entering the solid waste stream by funding the Call2Recycle program. In pursuit of its mission, Call2Recycle also collects old cellphones, which are either recycled or refurbished and resold when possible with a portion of the proceeds benefiting select charities. For more information, call 877-2-RECYCLE or visit www.call2recycle.org.

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