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Please Read Before You Proceed.

Call2Recycle offers a Bill of Lading (BOL) Wizard to help you create a BOL in a few easy steps.

You must have a minimum of 500 lbs. of batteries in total weight to ship in bulk.

Pallet weight not to exceed 2,500 lbs.

Questions? If you are in the US, contact our Customer Service Team at 877.723.1297. For bulk shipping in Canada, click here.

Not a participating collection site? Request information about the program.  

Note: Government shipping standards require that all batteries being shipped must be either individually bagged or have taped terminals or meet U.S. DOT short-circuit protection requirements or exemptions. For drum shipments, poly-lined steel drums are preferred. They are required for shipping Li-Ion batteries weighing more than 66 pounds. Li-Ion battery shipments must also meet DOT hazardous material shipping regulations. Visit the U.S. DOT website for more information.

You will need the following information to complete the BOL:

  • Account information (site ID # and account’s 5-digit zip code)
  • Email address (optional)
  • Number of pallets
  • Total weight of each battery chemistry
  • Type of container for each chemistry
  • Number of each container type

Call2Recycle® is a product stewardship program providing no-cost battery and cellphone recycling solutions across the U.S. and Canada. Operated by Call2Recycle, Inc., a 501(c)4 nonprofit public service organization, the program is funded by battery and product manufacturers committed to responsible recycling.